Fluorite for Crystal Healing & Mental Clarity

Fluorite for Crystal Healing & Mental Clarity

Fluorite is one of the most recognizable crystals due to its most fascinating banding stripes but don't let it fool you its crystalline structures also comes in solid ranges from green to purple to some rare colors like blue and yellow!

Fluorite encourages mental clarity & focus making it an amazing crystal for students to carry with them or anyone really needing to focus on a big project or goal. Fluorite is one of the most popular aura cleansers and helps to remove old stagnant junk lingering in your energy field. Its a stone of detoxification and really helps start on a clean slate by helping you think clearer to make decisions from a place of mindfulness.

Fluorite Colors:

Clear Fluorite helps one to connect with the crown chakra, Clear Fluorite is all about keeping your mind bathed in clarity.

Blue fluorite is an amazing throat chakra mineral helping elevate your voice and allows you to be more confident by guiding you to be your authentic self & find your inner voice.

Green fluorite helps one connect and clear blockages in the heart chakra! For those looking for their true higher purpose, use green fluorite to help guide you.

Purple Fluorite is all about tapping into the third eye chakra energies which are directly associated with your intuition. It helps with spiritual communication & provides a layer of protection for empaths. 

Yellow Fluorite

Yellow fluorite is more rare is associated with the solar plexus chakra which is the center energy source for creativity and confidence. It helps strengthen your psychic abilities and balances healing energy throughout your body.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite combines the energy of all of the individual characteristics of working with fluorite as a healing mineral. It helps elevate your soul and promotes a more positive mindset.

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