Purple Chalcedony, the healing mineral from Indonesia!

Purple Chalcedony, the healing mineral from Indonesia!

What do you know about Purple Chalcedony, the purple mineral from Indonesia? 

This beautiful purple mineral is usually accompanied by brown inclusions. When found in Its rawest form, the purple crystalline core is sheltered by its brown outer layer, protecting its powerful inner core. Purple chalcedony when used in meditation can promote a sense of inner stability, composure, and maturity. It Is a mineral that allows you to peel back the layers of an important situation to truly see things for What they are. This brings us clarity of thought and a fresh mind for decision making. Its protective properties bring security and self-confidence.  Purple chalcedony stimulates and opens the Crown Chakra, It makes a useful tool to include in your meditation for more expansive spiritual experiences, such as activating lucid dreaming or working with the pineal gland or as some refer to it, your third eye. Purple chalcedony heightens your intuition and connects you to the goddess within on deeper levels, especially when used with Goddesses like Lilith or Hekate. 

When I first held this crystal I was able to tap into a very healing and mature energy, The crystal really seemed to bring an ease of the mind and a very clear sense of awareness and understanding of my thoughts. One way to connect with this crystal would be to include it in any practice of evolution whether it be mediatation, yoga, ritual work, etc. Cleanse the crystal and allow it to help fuel you with its purple light. Allow the light to enter from the crown of your body and raise the energy being sent through all of your chakras, down to your root. After leveling to its frequency, Carrying this crystal can help invite that energy to your life. This crystal can help give you for a different take on how you see things in your day to day life.

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